PTA Soon Launching A System To Block Illegal And Stolen Mobile Phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is going to introduce a new system by the name of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). The system will be used to block the illegal and stolen mobile phones in Pakistan. This initiative is a result of the Telecom Policy 2015, Section 9.6.1-9.6.4.

Currently, the smuggling of mobile phones to Pakistan is becoming a common practice day by day. With the introduction of DIRBS, the government will be able to block such illegal and smuggled phones and the revenue can also be increased by importing the mobile phones through legal channels. The system will continuously monitor all the mobile phones entering Pakistan.

The DIRBS is not only useful to stop the phones being smuggled, but it also can trace and block the mobiles which are stolen in case their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is reported.

According to PTA, this is a major initiative taken to discourage the smuggling of mobile phones and tablets through illegal channels to the country. It damages the tax revenue system and the economy as well. The PTA will allow only those mobile phones to work in Pakistan, which is present on their list of allowed IMEIs. The rest of the cell phones will be regarded as blacklisted and will not be allowed to function and get registered.


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