Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is the integration of sales, marketing, service and support strategy and technology to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

Why Industries need a CRM
Acquiring a new customer costs 5-10 times more than to retain an existing one. Harvard Business Review says “Companies can boost 100% profits by retaining just 5% more of their customers.” Since the competition is Rising in the market, The need for new programs and services continues to grow to cater the need of information with accuracy and avaialability.

Our CRM included Sales Management, Sales Performance analysis, Complaint Management, Complaint resolution time anaylsis, Tasks assignment within organizations, tasks perfrmance analysis, Customer satisfaction surveys, newsletter module, Corporate masked SMS integration, tele marketing module to take order and submit into the system for processing.

Additionaly loyalty program can also be integrated if required, which helps organizations to retain the customers by awarding the gifts to loyal customers.

Customer data analytics can reap significant financial rewards for your organization’s sales, marketing and customer service departments. With so much data to contend with, companies often struggle with making sense of information from customers, public records and external databases. Luckily, we evaluate the newest sales and marketing tools making the process easier for IT managers and sales executives.

Putting Information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can more easily access and manage it. The other main functions of this solution include recording various customer interactions, automating various workflow processes such as tasks, complaints, and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.


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